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Weingut König Johann

König Johann is a Familie owned winery located in the world famous Saar Valley not far away from the city of Trier (UNESCO world heritage site). 

With the 2014 harvest we can proudly announce a generation-turnover in our winery. Our son Dennis is in charge of the winemaking since autumn 2014 which proves that a 2 generation estate can operate very well. 

Our vineyard sites in Filzen and Serrig are the prime sites of our 26 acres (10.5 hectares) winery. These slopes, partly timbered with vines up to 75 years old, are cultivated in harmony with nature to obtain the unique character of our grapes.
Mostly weathered Devon Slate and partly mottled sandstone form an ideal Terroir for our key variety - Riesling. 

Under these circumstances we are committed to select and process the grapes carefully. Fermented with natural yeasts, patience and passion König Johann wines ripen to Rieslings of strong character with a long storage potential.

What makes our wines so inviting is the combination between tried and true methods on one hand and new possibilities in winemaking on the other hand. Furthermore, we want them to be highlights of Saar  Valley's strong points and honest representatives of their origin. 

Thus our - with a lot of passion - handmade wines reflect their Terroir in the Saar Valley.
We would be glad to share them with you.

Kind regards, 

Fam. Schnur-Schmitt